Welcome to Asset Protectors LTD,
we are a Modern Day, Forward Thinking Legal Firm.
Built on Experience, with you in Mind!

We know that no one likes talking about this subject but,
What would happen if you died tomorrow?
Especially in the times we currently live in, nothing is guaranteed, 
Do you have the correct protections in place to protect your loved ones?

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If you already have a Will, we offer FREE Will Reviews!


This is Our Story:

Our company was founded by 2 people who have worked in this industry for many years. They decided to start their own company as they have a passion for the industry and for helping people with their Estate Planning needs, to protect their loved ones and assets…

Their experience has taught them many things, all of which they carry into Asset Protectors LTD to provide the best service possible to our clients!


Our Core Values are the centre in everything we do:

  • Honest to all

  • Reliable through our Service and our Continuous Professional Development

  • Passionate about our Industry and Helping our Clients

  • Professional in everything we do

  • Trusted by our Clients

We as a company have set out to change the perception of the industry by modernising it, without losing the traditional values!

Did You Know?

Without the correct Estate Planning Protections in place, your Families & loved ones would not automatically inherit from you…

Asset Protectors LTD takes pride in providing you with all your Estate Planning Protections in-house, whilst also having access to expert advice for all other areas of Law.

We have Won..

This award recognises us as one of the Best Estate Planning Legal Firms who offer an outstanding service to our Clients... (from Bark.com)

We won based on our Results compared to our Competitors:

  • 1. Our Clients rate us an average of 83%, compared to our competitors whose Clients rate them an average of 37%

  • 2. Our average response time to our Clients is an average of 7 minutes, compared to our competitors whose Clients rate them an average of 6 Hours.

  • 3. Our Reviews from Clients are Excellent!

We are so pleased to have won & we Thank all of our Clients; we wouldn't be able to do it without you!