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Additional Services:

Document check service (physical or digital):

You can either email us a photocopy of the document or we can arrange a Home Visit to check it. Our specialised Lawyers will look over the document and ensure it has been executed properly. This will gives you piece of mind that your documents are legally binding.

LPA Registration including OPG fee:

When registering an LPA you complete all the signings and witnessing and post to the Office of the public Guardian along with a Cheque to register the documents. We have do this process on your behalf.


LPA Certificate Provider:

When preparing a LPA, you will need someone to certify the documents and ensure you have full capacity to do it. If you think you are able to do Lasting Powers of Attorney documents yourself we can offer a certificate provider service where you do all the paper work but one of our Specialised Lawyers will be the certificate provider for you.


Will Witnessing & Signing Service:

Once your Will has been prepared it must be signed and witnessed correctly, if not it could fail at the probate stage. We offer this service to give you piece of mind that the Will has been signed and witnessed correctly. We will act as 1 witness and you provide the other, we will come to your home whenever it is convenient and ensure the whole process is done properly. 

Independent Legal Advice (Hourly):

If you require any independent Legal Advice from one of our Lawyers we can offer a Telephone, Video Call or Home Visit service on anything to do with Wills & Estate Planning.