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Last Will & Testament:


A Will is very important for most of us to have prepared. If anyone in the U.K dies without a Will their estate will be distributed as per the rules of intestacy; this is ok if we don't own anything of value but if you own a property for example -your family or loved ones will not automatically inherit from you. 

In order for a Will to be valid and legally binding it must be written according to the Wills Act, ideally it needs to be prepared by a professional who specialises & who is qualified in this area. 

This is where we come in, we offer Home Visit & Video Call appointments with our Lawyers where we go through your specific circumstances & take the instructions for your Will; we always give Top Level Legal Advice based on the Client’s circumstances.


After all Legal Instructions have been taken by our Lawyers, our team will prepare a Draft Will & send that to you for your approval. Only when we receive confirmation from you will we finalise anything. 

Our Legal Team are on hand throughout the whole process to help, support  & advise you. 


For more information & to see if you even need to prepare your Will, get in touch with us today...


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